Recertification begins annually November 1 and is to be completed by January 31.

Recertification Requirements

Continuing Education

Active certificate holders must successfully complete 12 learning unit (LU) hours each year.  All 12 learning units must be healthcare related activities (design and construction, education and research, or the practice and management of healthcare). Supporting documentation is required. 
To learn more about self-reporting, click here.

Evidence of continued practice in healthcare architecture

Affirm evidence of continued practice by selection of percent of time spent on healthcare-related projects (select: up to 25%, 26-50%, 51-75%, 76-100%). This may include healthcare-related education and research.

Registration as an architect

  • Attest to the state(s) and expiration of licensure
  • Report of suspension/revocation/censure, if applicable

Code of Ethics
Acknowledge acceptance of the ACHA Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics can be found here.


Annual payment by credit card of $550 for ACHA and $650 for FACHA. 

Note:  Should a certificant not be able to recertify by December 31, a Request for Accommodation may be submitted to [email protected] by December 31.