Certification Prep Seminars

Are you interested in ACHA certification? This free course will outline what is needed to obtain credentials showing your advanced competency and affiliation with the most experienced healthcare architects.  The seminar provides useful information to help you submit a portfolio, prepare for the ACHA exam, and complete recertification.  Seasoned ACHA-certified healthcare architects will cover:

  • Application materials, 
  • Exam topics, 
  • Sample questions, 
  • Scoring criteria, 
  • Exam schedules, and
  • Recertification requirements.

Click here for more ACHA exam information including the Certification Handbook.‚Äč

Upcoming Certification Prep Seminars

Certification Prep Seminar – Recorded
Facilitators: R. Gregg Moon, Craig Puccetti, and Tim Spence

Click here for the recording of the June 14 event.
Click here for the handouts

On-Demand Online 2021 Certification Prep Seminar
Date: Coming Soon!
Facilitators: R. Gregg Moon, Craig Puccetti, and Tim Spence

HCD October Certification Prep Seminar
Date: Sunday, October 24
Time: 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern


Earn Learning Units

Please be sure your Certemy profile includes your AIA number. If you attend a live course, you will earn 1 AIA Learning Unit for participation.  If you attend a webinar, you will earn 1 ACHA self-reported learning unit for participation.  You may not claim viewing the on-demand webinar for learning unit credit.