ACHA utilizes ​Certemy certification software to manage various certification workflows including:

  • ACHA Candidacy
  • ACHA Application
  • Portfolio Submissions
  • Re-Examination
  • Recertification
  • Fellow Applications
  • Emeritus Applications

Those interested in becoming ACHA certified will need a profile set up within Certemy to start one or more of these workflows.  Some workflows are dependent upon the completion of a prerequisite workflow.

When you click Log In/My Account, you will notice a new window open with the URL reflecting ACHA’s Certemy set-up.  Your username will be your email address; you will establish your password.

Quick Links

Apply for Certification  Emeritus Application  FACHA Application  Candidate Application  

User Guides

Recertification Guide  Email Notification Settings  Email Address Update  Certemy FAQs