New Certificant Profiles

James Bachert, AIA, NCARB, EDAC, ACHA (2023)‎

Jim, a seasoned principal, brings a wealth of experience to the realm of master planning, programming, ‎schematic design, and project management within the healthcare sector across the nation. Having been ‎an integral part of ESa since 1995, Jim has worn various hats, including project designer, project ‎manager, and senior design manager.‎

His approach is client-centric, with a commitment to understanding their current and future needs. Jim ‎excels in providing design solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Grounded in a ‎personal philosophy that prioritizes the client, community, and the contextual nuances of the locale, he ‎crafts designs that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.‎

Jim not only remains tuned in to the present but also keeps current with cutting-edge advances and ‎trends in the dynamic field of healthcare. As an evidence-based design accredited professional, he ‎commits himself to crafting environments that actively enhance the healing process. Jim is an American ‎College of Healthcare (ACHA) board-certified architect and a member of the American Institute of ‎Architects. ‎

PJ Bauser, AIA, ACHA (2023)

PJ brings a deep knowledge of healthcare design and a passion for the patient experience. Deploying ‎smart planning strategies to promote operational efficiencies, he’s skilled in guiding teams to envision ‎next-generation care strategies that support all users. PJ has led the design of nationally recognized ‎projects including the Northwest Kidney Center’s Rainier Beach Clinic, winner of a 2021 AIA Academy ‎of Architecture for Health Healthcare Design Award and AIA COTE Top 10 Award, among others.‎

Heather Beard, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP BD+C, NCARB (2023)

As a project manager and senior associate at DLR Group, Heather is committed to enhancing the ‎patient experience by focusing on environments that are not only functional, but also conducive to ‎healing. During her career, Heather has worked on a variety of projects including hospital ‎infrastructure, acute care, cancer care, and imaging and diagnostic treatment. Heather currently ‎serves as the Institutional Liaison for NC Women in Healthcare and community outreach leader for the ‎DLR Group Charlotte, NC office. ‎

Sam Burnette, AIA, NCARB, ACHA, EDAC ‎(2023)

Sam has been an integral part of ESa’s healthcare design team since 1983, contributing his wealth of ‎experience to various aspects of the field. His portfolio spans a diverse range of medical facilities, ‎including hospitals, medical office buildings, outpatient surgery centers, oncology centers, and senior ‎living facilities.‎

Having worked on numerous projects both nationally and internationally, Sam has not only undertaken ‎design responsibilities but has also managed programming, master planning, project coordination, and ‎research initiatives, often incorporating evidence-based design principles. His commitment to the belief ‎that design is fundamentally for the benefit of people – ensuring their safety, wellness, and enjoyment ‎of the completed facility – is evident in his approach to each project. Throughout the project design ‎process, he fosters enduring relationships, emphasizing exceptional design outcomes that address the ‎unique challenges of each project. ‎

A registered architect, published write, and speaker, Sam’s philosophy revolves around the idea that ‎good design is centered on people and their well-being, and he takes pride in mentoring the next ‎generation of designers and contributing to the broader community. ‎

Outside of the office, Sam is a member of the American Institute of Architects, chairman of the AIA ‎Middle Tennessee Academy of Architecture for Health, a member of the Parent Leadership Council at ‎Samford University and previous board member of Jovenes En Camino, a children’s home in Honduras. ‎

Matthew Campbell, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

With over two decades experience as a healthcare architect and regulator, Matthew works to break ‎down the complexities of healthcare architecture into manageable elements and translate project goals ‎into complaint design solutions. As a technical lead with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers Seattle ‎District, Matthew provides subject matter expertise, technical guidance, and project leadership for ‎medical planning, design, and construction of USACE supported facilities and Department of Veterans ‎Affairs mega-projects.

Brice Durkin, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

Brice Durkin, AIA, ACHA is an Associate and Project Manager at HuntonBrady Architects in Orlando, ‎Florida. With over 11 years of experience, Brice specializes in creative healthcare design solutions for ‎both inpatient and outpatient care. Brice is a trusted advisor for healthcare clients in Florida over a ‎breadth of work that includes ambulatory care, long-term acute care, imaging and diagnostic treatment, ‎surgical departments, and medical office space. He has pioneered innovative healthcare typologies in ‎Florida, one of which receiving an Award of Excellence by the AIA. Brice is passionate about seamlessly ‎blending functionality and aesthetics, which yield healing environments and operational efficiency.‎

Brian Henks, AIA, ACHA, EDAC ‎(2023)

Brian is a member of Hoefer Welker’s planning leadership team. He serves as lead medical planner for ‎the firm’s Kansas City office. In 2022, Brian was recognized as one of Healthcare Design’s Rising ‎Stars. As medical planner, he has participated in the design of many significant projects, including the ‎CHI Memorial Hospital, CHI Trinity Neighborhood Hospital, and Immanuel Family Health Clinic for ‎CommonSpirit Health; a new Cancer Center for AdventHealth; and the Olathe Psychiatric Hospital.‎

Charlie Jorgensen, AIA, ACHA, NCARB, LEED® AP ‎(2023)

Charlie is an accomplished architect with 19 years of experience, specializing in healthcare projects ‎across the nation. As a principal, he holds a pivotal role in the design process, overseeing master ‎planning, site development, programming, schematic design, and departmental planning. His expertise ‎extends to fostering effective communication within project teams, ensuring projects adhere to ‎schedules and budgets.‎

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Charlie’s design philosophy revolves around creating solutions ‎that surpass expectations and not only address current trends but also anticipate future needs. He ‎leads initiatives to deeply understand the requirements and processes of end users, seamlessly ‎integrating research and design aspects, spanning medical planning, aesthetics and functionality. ‎Charlie’s designs are distinguished by their incorporation of programmatic, environmental, hospitality, ‎and contextual elements, resulting in healing environments that prioritize patient comfort and ‎aesthetics.‎

Through his leadership and comprehensive approach to design, Charlie not only shapes physical spaces ‎but also contributes significantly to the advancement of healthcare architecture, making a lasting ‎impact on the built environment.‎

Alison Leonard, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

Alison Leonard, a healthcare planner and programmer at Blue Cottage of CannonDesign, merges her ‎healthcare background with deep expertise in trauma-informed and empathetic design. With a ‎background in design as an evidence-based design certified architect, she is passionate about reducing ‎the stigma around mental health issues by helping to design supportive environments for wellness ‎across all markets. Passionate about neuroarchitecture, she applies her understanding of psychology ‎and design to every project she undertakes. Honored with the 2021 Under 40 Award from the AIA ‎Academy of Architecture for Health, Alison is currently advancing her knowledge at Boston Architectural ‎College, pursuing a Master of Design Studies in Human Health.‎

Janice Morton, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

Janice is a dedicated member of the team of healthcare architects with Mascari Dinh. Our firm focuses ‎only on serving healthcare clients. Janice has benefitted from many design experiences ranging from ‎hospital based; master planning, seismic upgrades, pharmacy design, endoscopy remodels, nuclear ‎medicine relocations, both ICU and NICU design, and emergency department expansions; to medical ‎office buildings; cancer centers, children’s clinics, outpatient pharmacies, and a remodel of a historic ‎nursing college for hospital administrative support. ‎

Matthew Nicholson, NCARB, ACHA ‎(2023)

Serving as Healthcare Practice Leader for Goodwyn Mills Cawood in Atlanta, GA has numerous years of ‎experience across Healthcare typologies. His most recent experience includes Vertical Expansions, ‎Department Renovations, Campus Additions, Imaging Modalities, Facility Master Planning, and ‎Behavioral Health Facilities. Matthew always strives to find the best solution for each of his clients and ‎is constantly pushing a collaborative approach for all of his projects. He thrives on complex multi-‎phased projects that require unique solutions while bringing ideas that help push the next generation ‎of Healthcare design. ‎

Dustin Rehkamp, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

As healthcare market sector leader for the Minneapolis office of Leo A Daly, Dustin directs a multi-‎disciplinary team to create successful and effective solutions for health care clients. Dustin has 21 years ‎of experience working in healthcare design including planning, project management and client ‎relations. Dustin is a co-chair of the MN AIA Government Affairs committee and the vice-chair of the ‎ASHE Health Care Decarbonization Task Force. He is involved with TCHEA, WHEA, MHCEA, ASHE and ‎has been an ACE mentor since 2013.‎

Justin Roark, AIA, ACHA, NCARB, EDAC, LSSYB ‎(2023)

As a Senior Designer and Medical Planner at HKS, Justin aspires to contribute my time and talent to ‎push the envelope on design approaches and creativity to improve the built environment in which we ‎live, work, play and heal. Justin believes that each of us plays a role in how we shape the future of our ‎environment and community. As a healthcare architect he feels that he as an obligation to bring ‎change and forward thinking to the forefront of our approach in creating a platform for the future of ‎spaces for healing. In serving his clients, his goal is to build a platform that achieves creativity and ‎innovation, while committing the time and attention to detail necessary to shape design solutions that ‎will bring his clients’ visions to life.‎

Kelly Schreihofer, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

My dedicated 23-year career in healthcare architecture began with the University of Chicago’s Comer I ‎Children’s Hospital, and it continues today with my engagement in the hospital bed tower addition for ‎St. Luke’s Boise. I am thankful to ACHA for the honor of being part of this esteemed community and ‎extend gratitude to those who contributed letters, assisted in archival research, and more. The support ‎of those around me has been invaluable.‎

Graham Sinclair, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

As the Atlanta healthcare practice leader at The Beck Group, Graham has a passion for improving the ‎quality of design in healthcare facilities to enhance the staff, family, and patient experience. He has ‎spent his entire career in healthcare architecture and has worked on numerous project types from bed ‎towers, to cancer care, to ambulatory surgery centers and has primarily focused on delivering medical ‎facilities through innovative project delivery methods like IPD and design build.‎

Martin Sisson, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

Martin is a founder and principal of Chapman Sisson Architects and has over 39 years of experience as ‎a project manager, designer, and healthcare architect. He has a passion for helping clients create ‎healing environments that are beautiful, cost-sensitive, and highly efficient. With strong ‎communication and consensus-building skills, Martin solves complex project challenges and is a ‎trusted advisor to his clients. Martin serves as an HGRC member with FGI for the 2022 and 2026 ‎revision cycles. He has chaired the Board of Zoning Adjustment for the City of Huntsville since 2005.‎

Natale Stephens, AIA, ACHA, EDAC ‎(2023)

As a Healthcare Architect and Planner at Page, Natale designs environments for people of all ages along ‎the full continuum of healthcare delivery. She has unique experience with mental health and multi-‎sensory environments, as well as cross-sector projects, and high-tech interventional platforms. Located ‎in Austin and providing services globally, Natale engages in an integrated approach to best practices and ‎innovative design that pushes the need for evolution in building technology, care delivery, and facility ‎operations. ‎

Cam Twohey, AIA, ACHA, NCARB, WELL AP® ‎(2023)

As a Technical Leader, Senior Project Architect and Associate Principal at Kahler Slater, Cam has over 28 ‎years of industry experience, 18 of which have been dedicated to Healthcare Design. She leads ‎technically complex renovations and new construction projects for client’s inpatient and outpatient care ‎needs. Cam is the Co-Chair of the AIA Chicago Healthcare Knowledge Community, member of the AAH ‎Components Council, and an active participant in AMFP and Women in Healthcare Chicago Chapters.‎

Jeff Valus, AIA, ACHA ‎(2023)

Jeff Valus is a Principal at CBLH Design in Cleveland, Ohio, bringing more than 26 years of experience ‎designing and managing healthcare projects. Currently, Jeff is working as the Senior Project ‎Management Lead on The MetroHealth System’s APEX Outpatient & Administrative Building Project ‎with a focus on the Cancer Care component. He is passionate about passing knowledge and inspiring ‎emerging professionals in the workplace by cultivating a creative, energetic atmosphere. ‎

Andrew von Lohr, AIA, ACHA, NCARB ‎(2023)

With a 16-year career dedicated to healthcare planning and design, Andrew understands the impact ‎design has on patient healing, caregiver environments, and the surrounding community. As a project ‎leader and principal at NAC, Andrew guides clients and teams from master planning through all stages ‎of development. Focusing on collaboration, Andrew helps to make innovative and informed decisions ‎amidst complex healthcare requirements for diverse project types including major hospital additions, ‎outpatient clinics and freestanding ambulatory facilities.‎

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