Exam Application and Portfolio Submission

Click here for the 2021 Certification Handbook.

Complete this application only if you qualify to sit for the exam (see Exam Requirements in the Certification Handbook).

If you don’t yet qualify to sit for the exam, consider becoming an ACHA Candidate for only $25 a year (for a maximum of five years). Candidates will need to apply separately to sit for the exam once they meet all the requirements for exam eligibility.


Approximately 4-6 weeks following the submission deadline, applicants will received notification via email as to whether or not their portfolio was accepted.  Instructions for scheduling your exam will be within that notification.


Annually, July 1-31


An architect who does not pass the examination on his or her first attempt may elect to retake the exam during the next testing window for a maximum of five years before resubmitting a Portfolio Package and Exam Application is required.  

  • Log in to your Certemy account to accept the re-examination workflow and pay the $100 fee.
  • The deadline to submit for the upcoming exam testing window is June 1. 


(These forms can be found within the Certification Handbook but are posted here for your convenience.)


Should you be interested in simultaneously completing the Portfolio Submission process with the Exam Application process, please click here for more information and to establish that workflow in your Certemy profile.