ACHA “Think Tank”: AI and its Impacts to Health Facility Design and Planning

ACHA is starting a new “Think Tank” (formerly known as a Task Force) to study the immediate, and long-term impacts of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) on the health facility design and planning industry.  This includes a review of the technology as a design and planning tool for the implementation of the work, as well as a review of how A.I. will change healthcare delivery, staffing, and costs.  The goal is to look at both near-term, and long term impacts.

To accomplish this mission, the “Think Tank” will be comprised of ACHA Certificants with an interest in this
topic.  Some of this effort will require expertise in the actual A.I. technology and its future road map.  Other parts of this effort will need participants that understand strategic planning, risk management, staffing, and corporate finance from both the design firm side as well as the healthcare delivery side.  By design, the structure of the “Think Tank” will consist of a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Connections to special guests that could contribute to this effort should be highlighted in your application.

Click here for more information and to apply to participate.