Certificant Profile – Jhiah Chang

Lean Green Belt Certified for Facilities Design Architect, Cedars-Sinai
Los Angeles, CA

How has ACHA certification enhanced your career in healthcare architecture and/or design?
This sounds really nerdy, but I counted down the days when I was eligible to become ACHA certified. Now that I am a part of this specialized group of just about 500 architects across North America, I feel an even greater responsibility to contribute to and enhance the healthcare design world in a meaningful way.

What would you say to anyone interested in the field?
Everyone I’ve met in healthcare design is truly passionate about making a positive impact on the built environment. I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by colleagues, mentors, and friends who, despite being with competitive firms, are eager share knowledge and continue to push each other to design and create the best environments for patients, their families, and caregivers.

What led you to becoming ACHA certified?
I grew up with a tiger mom, so I always wanted the most titles after my name. All joking aside, at my first job out of school, I got to work on a couple large healthcare projects and had so much fun with my teams. Ever since then, I knew healthcare design was my path. ACHA certification felt like a natural step in my career.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you personally or your practice?
Through this pandemic experience, it’s interesting to see healthcare emerging as a universal and respected language. It has become something that is joining our communities together. It touches everyone—the staff (our healthcare heroes), the patients, their families—and I’m excited to see how this pandemic will change the way we define and design healthcare.

About You
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Architecture. UC Berkeley

Jhiah Chang has over 15 years of experience as a planner, designer, and project manager for healthcare and academic projects across North America. She is passionate about planning and designing environments that are sustainable and operationally efficient, and that support patient- and family-centered care. Jhiah enjoys working with end users, ranging from children and nurses to hospital administrators, and consequently draws inspiration from those who are compassionate and driven to improve the lives of others.


  • AIA|LA Healthcare Committee and Purposeful Workshop – Steering Committee and Past Co-Chair
  • AIA California Healthcare Facilities Forum – Committee Member
  • AIA Academy on Architecture for Healthcare – Committee Member
  • Cal Poly Pomona Healthcare Studio – Guest Lecturer and Steering Committee Member
  • U40 – AIA Academy of Architecture for Healthcare Under 40 in Healthcare Design Recipient, 2017