Stryker Planning Design and Construction Library

The Stryker Planning Design and Construction Library allows you to gain access to all of the REVIT models/families, as well as AutoCAD blocks, pre-installation manuals, and Contractor cut sheets.​

Stryker is most interested in allowing you to easily extract the information that you need, and to provide a simple and repeatable process when it comes to obtaining this information for all of your projects. We are most excited about the REVIT Room Templates that allow one to download a design of many different clinical care spaces, and drop them directly into your drawings. The templates available cover the Operating Room, Hybrid Rooms, GI Labs, Interventional Radiology, Cath Labs, Intensive Care units, Trauma Bays and Exam Rooms in the Emergency Department. 

The REVIT Room Templates provided within the new PD&C website are all designs that have been implemented and in use for the last couple of years. This means that the end users are pleased with the design of these particular spaces, and that they are worthy of being used as a “place holder” for all of your projects. This also means that you can be confident that these vetted designs are able to be implemented with any manufacturer’s product. 

For access information or questions regarding the Library, please contact:

​Kirk ​Newman  
[email protected]​​​​ 
or​​​Brett Estabrook
[email protected]