Testimonial – Sheila Cahnman

Sheila F. Cahnman, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP
PresidentJumpGarden Consulting LLC.

What is the difference between a certificant and a non-certificant in the field?

ACHA Certification gives the qualification so others in the industry recognize you as the highest quality healthcare designer or planner.

What do architecture firms see in ACHA certification amongst potential employees?
If you’re a company and you’re looking for an individual to hire, seeing they’re ACHA certified gives you the confidence of knowing that they have a background in healthcare that is deep and they have an ongoing commitment to practicing healthcare architecture.

What resources have ACHA offered you in your professional career?
ACHA’s most helpful resources are its certificate holders!. The ACHA is composed of thought leaders in the field, all of whom are very open about sharing and giving information as needed. They also become your professional network when you are seeking new employment opportunities or looking to team on projects.

About Sheila

Sheila Cahnman is a healthcare design architect with over 37 years of industry experience. President of JumpGarden Consulting, a WBE certified practice, she has led master planning, medical planning and design efforts at over 70 healthcare facilities. including major academic medical centers, community hospitals, and outpatient clinics. Sheila has presented at over 40 conferences and published over 35 articles. She was named one of the top twenty-five most influential in healthcare design by Healthcare Design Magazine. She is proud to serve on ACHA’s Board of Trustees.

According to Sheila, ACHA is “the gold standard – the only recognized certification for healthcare architects.”
In celebration of the college’s 20th anniversary, application and exam fees for the ACHA exam are being offered at a greatly reduced fee of only $20 until Feb. 1, 2020. After the cutoff date, fees will be $200 until April 1; amounting to a 50% reduction from standard pricing. Click here to learn more and get certified now.