Testimonial – Peter Bardwell

Peter Bardwell, FAIA, FACHA
Principal, BARDWELL+associates, LLC
2013 President, American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA)

How does ACHA certification stand out to clients?
ACHA certification shows that an individual is not simply what their firm says in terms of experience, skill, and credentials,” Bardwell said. “Rather, the certification allows firms to remind clients and prospective clients that the individual has met the standards of their peers and competitors. You’re not simply saying that this person meets the highest standards. These individuals do meet the highest standards.

How do hiring firms view ACHA certification?
Firms that hire an individual who is ACHA board-certified will know that this is a person who has committed herself or himself to a rigorous process of preparation leading up to the certification.

Bardwell explains that ACHA certification gives job candidates significant advantages in the hiring process.

“ACHA certification proves that an individual is very goal-oriented – which is something that hiring firms actively look for. Board certification demonstrates that individuals can achieve those goals, which speaks great volumes to any prospective employer.”

What is the value of ACHA board certification?
The value of ACHA board certification is that it allows clients to see that individuals have been thoroughly vetted by industry leading professionals. Certification signifies reliability, experience, and excellence in the practice of healthcare architecture.

About Peter Bardwell
Peter Bardwell is a leading figure in healthcare planning and design with more than 40 years of experience in the field. Recognized nationally for his practice, speaking, publications, and research, he has held key leadership roles in facility master planning, programming, and schematic design for over 70 healthcare facilities.

He has served as ACHA’s President, on the AIA Fellows Jury, and has been awarded with prestigious honors such as the 2017 AIA Ohio Individual Gold Medal for excellence in the practice of architecture.  

Bardwell views ACHA certification and the rigorous process of board certification as a reflection on one’s career and the values that one has in his or her career.