Certificant Profile – Russell P. (Rip) Parks

ussell P. (Rip) Parks, AIA, ACHA, EDAC
Founding Principal
ParksConsult, LLC
Greenville, SC

How has ACHA certification enhanced your career in healthcare architecture and/or design?
ACHA certification provides credibility with clients who themselves value and acknowledge credentials. It’s subtle and rarely discussed, but I am invited to the table with the quiet understanding that my qualifications within the design field compare favorably with their credentials in delivering care. The certification also adds confidence in that regard.

What would you say to anyone interested in the field?
The ACHA is the gold standard credential for healthcare design professionals. Additionally, the ACHA events at Healthcare Design and the Summer Leadership Summit provide cutting edge research and thought leadership that make a difference in how we provide innovative design solutions.

What led you to becoming ACHA certified?
I am one of the founding members of the ACHA. I was inspired by visionary leaders like Dr. Kirk Hamilton, David Allison, Joan Saba and Peter Bardwell who were endorsing and forming this organization.  As soon as it was opened, I pursued the certification knowing that these leaders in our field were behind it.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you personally or your practice?
As an independent consultant, the biggest impact is the elimination of gathering together to share ideas and business contacts.  All three major healthcare design conferences that I regularly attend have been cancelled this year, to include the Southeast Regional Chautauqua that David Allison, Byron Edwards and I help to organize. Very sad.

About You


Bachelors of Pre-Architecture, Clemson University
Master of Science in Business Administration, Boston University
Master of Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis

Master of Urban Design, Washington University in St. Louis

For the last decade, I teamed up with David Allison, Byron Edwards and Clemson University Architecture + Health graduate program to organize and execute the highly successful regional healthcare design “Chautauqua,” which is arguably the longest running regional design conference of its type in the nation. The COVID pandemic disrupted this conference for 2020.

Recently, my area of emphasis has shifted to facilitating group discussions where consensus is a challenge. I view that as an essential but uncelebrated skill for the successful design professional.