It’s hard to believe we are most of the way through this year! We are on target with meeting and even ‎exceeding our targets with many of our initiatives. We recently completed our Strategic plan and will ‎be working to begin implementing it through the work of committees and task forces in the coming ‎year. We will celebrate our newest Fellow and new Certificants, as well as our diversity as an ‎organization at our annual luncheon later this month. However, as we look back at Q3, let’s ‎acknowledge the following wins:‎

• The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) has agreed to publish the first of what ‎we hope will be a series of blog posts written by ACHA on their website and promote them in ‎their publications. The initial article will cover acoustics in healthcare settings. The articles will ‎be attributed to ACHA and be written by groups of individuals to promote the expertise of our ‎organization.‎

• ACHE was so intrigued by our Future of Healthcare Task Force report that they invited us to do ‎a presentation on a portion of it at their Annual Congress in March. We hope to have this be ‎the first of sessions we present and group them as an Executive Series by ACHA.‎

• ASHE has formed a joint Task Force with us to write the third edition of our Introduction to ‎Health Care Planning, Design and Construction handbook. This will be the second book in our ‎new nine-book Health Care Facilities Management Handbook Series. Six Certificants will join ‎ASHE and Joint Commission volunteers to complete this effort and will be reviewing chapters ‎based on areas of expertise.‎

• We had a great introductory call with Dr. Michael D. Brennan, Ph.D., AIA, NCARB the Executive ‎Director, Construction and Facilities Management for the VA. Dr. Brennan is very interested in ‎engaging more clinicians in the design process, getting more of his architectural staff ACHA ‎certified. He’s also interested in incorporating more elements of Lean, Evidence Based Design ‎and Wellness into projects. We will be discussing implementation in future meetings.‎

• The Masters Series 2.0 has officially launched our first session, Shifting to Comprehensive Care ‎is available for viewing here. Session two, Healthcare’s Response to Health will record in ‎October. The intent is to feature three certificants who specialize in a healthcare area of focus ‎as panelists. Unlike our previous version of the Masters Series which was about providing high ‎level education to our Certificants, 2.0 is outward focused and positions our certificants as the ‎experts. ‎

• A record number of people took and passed the exam this year. Because we are piloting the ‎option to submit the portfolio after testing, we do not yet know the total number of ‎certificants we will gain in 2021, but we anticipate this to be a slightly higher number than last ‎year.

• The Communications Committee has continued to profile certificants so that you can get to ‎know one another better. Please reach out to those profiled to introduce yourself or share a ‎common interest. We also have been regularly sharing accomplishments on our LinkedIn ‎Group and Twitter. Connect with ACHA and join in the discussions!‎

• The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice (EDI+SJ) task force completed work and the Board approved its recommendations in ‎August. These recommendations will be used as we evaluate award criteria, committee work ‎and initiatives. You can download a copy of the report here.‎

• Our Third Town hall took place in August. We hope you are enjoying these quarterly virtual ‎news and networking sessions and plan to continue them in 2022.‎

I would also welcome your feedback on ACHA certification and being a healthcare architect. Please fill out this quick two question poll to share your thoughts.

I hope to see many of you in person in Cleveland. For those who aren’t able to make the trip, look for ‎recorded segments to be available on our website. I also hope that if you are not already involved in ‎committee or task force work that you will consider volunteering next year. We are doing meaningful ‎work that is having an impact and welcome your contribution. As you can see from this letter, we are ‎up to great things as an organization and would love to have you be part of what makes them happen.