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We're updating our database of ACHA-certified speakers for 2016. If you're interested in being included in the ACHA Speakers Bureau, please provide your speaking and publishing experience at this link.


The College is comprised of certified healthcare architects with a deep knowledge of design and the impact on the healthcare community.

  • 4.5 times - Average number of times a certificate holder has published an article or a book on a healthcare topic.
  • 8.7 times - Average number of times a certificate holder presented a topic at a healthcare conference or similar event.
  • 28.7 years - Average number of years a certificate holder has in healthcare design experience.
  • 89.75% - Average percentage of workload in just healthcare design for each certificate holder.
  • $1,001,903,174 - Average career to date healthcare construction value per certificate holder

If you are interested in having an ACHA certified architect speak at your event, please contact Dana VanMeerhaeghe at You can also find more detailed information about certificate holders in our Directory.


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