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ACHA Quarterly - Fall 2020

When WFH Becomes Learning from Home
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There has been no equal in recent times that has significantly altered the way we live, and the way we work as much as the COVID-19 pandemic has. Yet, every day we see examples of how we can continue to do both (living and working) in successful and safe ways so that we can accomplish and even excel in the profession we practice.

The most immediate example that many of us in the ACHA have directly experienced, is the impact the pandemic has had on the annual AAH/ACHA Summer Leadership Summit (SLS). This year may have easily been the 1st summer that the SLS did not happen, however, it became the first year the event occurred live, via virtual videoconference.

Typically held in-person in Chicago for as long (or almost as long) as the ACHA has existed, this year's SLS explored resilient strategies employed by healthcare leaders in response to rapidly evolving care delivery and business models, including:
  • changing care models
  • helping staff to thrive and deal with stress
  • medical professional mental health/burnout and the impact on quality care
  • unique challenges to rural, marginalized populations and critical access care
The SLS online modeled the format of the familiar in-person event and consisted of two parts. Part one offering individual and paired speakers presenting specific topics of interest. Part two continuing with a robust panel discussion including live Q&A and observations from the participating audience.
  • Donald Donahue, PhD, University of Maryland
  • Paul DeChant, MD American Association of Physician Leadership
  • Dian Ginsberg, American Association of Physician Leadership
  • Judith Heerwagon, U.S. General Services Administration
  • Christopher Kane, Phoebe Health
  • Alan Morgan, National Organization of Rural Hospitals
  • Patricia Schou, Illinois Rural Health Network
Many firms involved in healthcare design, and almost all our healthcare clientele have promoted design information and other best-practice information to our industry colleagues and the general public at large through similar virtual venues. There are even more virtual learning and knowledge sharing opportunities to come, such as:
And remember, virtual events are easier to record, to share, and to re-broadcast (i.e., on demand), resulting in more people learning, participating, and sharing knowledge and experiences when compared to physically attended events. So now is the time to not only learn more about how and what we need to design for future healthcare facilities, but to also share those lessons learned and stay true to vision of the ACHA in transforming healthcare through better built environments.

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