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 ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award

​​The ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor that the American College of Healthcare Architects can bestow on an architect. It is conferred by the national ACHA Board of Regen​ts in recognition of a significant body of work of lasting influence on the theory and practice of healthcare architecture.

Nominations must be received or postmarked by June 1 of the application year. For more information, please review the ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria​​.

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner - John R. Pangrazio​​, FAIA, FACHA

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As a teenager, John Pangrazio had dreams of becoming a designer/inventor; he was fascinated with  how things worked or why they didn’t. Architecture became the natural outlet for creativity and thinking. He pursued his passion by getting a Bachelor of Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Cal Poly, as it is called, taught him to see the physical world in a whole new way and he has never been the same.

But it was the non-academic world of  the late 1960s that  taught  him  the  importance  of  making  a  contribution  to society. John enlisted in the United States Air Force, Medical Service Corps, as an architect. The strategic importance of healthcare design on the lives of soldiers and their families, both domestically and in a war zone, became very real. It was that short, but intense, exposure to military healthcare design that planted the seed of healthcare specialization.

After military duty, John received a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington and continued his quest to pursue a career in healthcare architecture. John joined NBBJ in 1975 and helped grow it into an international design firm of distinction. His design work and practice leadership have allowed him to participate in hundreds of prestigious projects while nurturing others and expanding a new frontier of medical planning and design leadership. His clients include Loma Linda University Medical Center, Stanford University Medical Center, St. Joseph Health System and the Mayo Clinic St. Mary’s Hospital. John is a member and past Board Member of Health Insights, a healthcare think tank, in which he works closely with healthcare executives in understanding the industry and its challenges. His career is also notable for his active engagement with students, and he has been a lecturer, studio critic and mentor to students at Cal Poly, Clemson University, Texas A&M University, among others. John has led project teams, opened offices, promoted the profession, conducted research, lectured and has written all on behalf of  his firm and the profession, while serving clients.

His interest in filmmaking overlaps with the same creative elements of architecture and he has worked to bring the two passions together. Early in his career he used film to help capture the creative design process within NBBJ for the benefit of the firm and its clients. Later John saw film as a powerful communication tool to promote ideas to the world. Those promotions spanned topics of healthcare practice and projects, philanthropy and new design concepts.​

John has been active in ACHA as a founding Fellow, Past President, Fellowship Committee chair and also created the design of the ACHA medals.​


Past Recipients of the ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award

  • 2016 - James R. Diaz​​, FAIA, FACHA
  • 2015 - H. Ralph Hawkins, FAIA, FACHA
  • 2014 - Frank S. Zilm, D.Arch., FAIA, FACHA
  • 2013 - E. Todd Wheeler, FAIA, posthumous
  • 2012 - James O. Jonassen, FAIA, FACHA, RAIC
  • 2011 - Morris A. Stein, FAIA, FACHA
  • 2010 - D.Kirk Hamilton, FAIA, FACHA / Joseph G. Sprague, FAIA, FACHA
  • 2009 - Eberhard Zeidler, OC, O.Ont., Dipl.Ing., LL.D., D.Eng., D.Arch., FRAIC, RCA, OAA, MAIBC, OAQ, Hon. FAIA
  • 2008 - Derek Parker, FAIA, FACHA, RIBA
  • 2007 – Ronald L. Skaggs, FAIA, FACHA, FHFI
  • 2006 - Martin H. Cohen, FAIA, FACHA
  • 2005 - Wilbur “Tib” Tusler, FAIA, FACHA
  • 2004 - Armand Burgun FAIA, FACHA
  • 2003 - Rex Allen, FAIA, HonFACHA

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