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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How and when will I be notified of my examination results?
A. The results of your examination will be mailed to you by PSI in mid-late September.  You will receive a follow-up letter from ACHA, verifying your acceptance into the College, or providing you information on scheduling your re-exam next year.  Results/scores are not emailed, nor provided over the phone.

Q. Has the COVID-19 epidemic impacted schedule changes for 2020?
A. Yes, please click here for information in this regard.

Q. How do I submit my application and upload my portfolio?
A. Log in to your exisiting account or create an account.  You do not have to become an ACHA Candidate prior to submitting your application.  Submit your materials by Feb. 1 (early bird) or April 1.

Q. Are there yearly dues associated with ACHA?
A. Yes, the yearly dues are: Board Certified - $550 and Board Certified Fellow - $650. There are no annual dues for those who are retired and approved as Emeritus Status.

Q. What are the fees for applying for ACHA Board Certification?
A. There is a fee of $400 which must be submitted with your application and portfolio. $150 will be applied to the Application Fee, which is non-refundable. $250 will be applied to the Examination Fee (If an application is not deemed complete and cannot be accepted, or is withdrawn, the $250 examination fee will be refunded.)

Q. Is there a deadline for applying to re-exam?
A. Yes.  Submit a request to and complete by June 1.

Q. Is there a deadline for applying to ACHA?
A. Your application and portfolio must be submitted online by February 1 (to qualify for the early bird deadline) and no later than April 1 in order to take the exam in the annual, July testing window.

Q. When will I be notified that I am accepted for an examination?
A. After your have completed the application, portfolio, letters of reference and fees have been submitted and approved, you will receive an email notice that you are eligible to take the ACHA Examination approximately 60 days after the application deadline. The period of eligibility is fi​ve years.

Q. Do I send the letters of recommendation directly to ACHA or include them in the portfolio?
A. All materials, including the letters of recommendation must be uploaded along with the application and portfolio.

Q. Who do I need to contact to schedule an Examination appointment to take the exam?
A. After your portfolio has been reviewed and approved you will receive notification of your eligibility from ACHA with the scheduling instructions. ACHA's contracts with the testing company PSI. PSI offers over 120 locations throughout the United States and Canada, to find an assessment center in your area, visit the PSI website at https://www​​.

Q. What will be covered on the Examination?
A. The examination is based on a content outline developed from a national survey of healthcare architects, which identified tasks significant to practice. Examination questions were written by committee members and other practitioners to assess the knowledge and skills required to perform the identified tasks. The objective examination consists of 120 multiple choice questions (100 scored and 20 non-scored pretest items). The content outline can be found in the ACHA Certification Handbook (available in October 2020).

Please note that there is a new Content Outline for exams offered in 2015 and thereafter. Please review the Content Outline in the  Certification Handbook (available in October 2020).

Q. How long will the Examination take?
A. Candidates are allotted 2.5 hours to take the examination.

Q. I am an Architect who provides healthcare planning (or other "non-traditional") services, and the project facts for my portfolio as requested in the Application and Checklist (i.e. construction cost, construction start/completion dates, etc.) do not relate to my personal role an involvement on a project-what should I do?
A. Architects providing "non-traditional" consulting services (i.e. Healthcare Planning, Programming, Facilities Based Services, Construction Management, Agency Review etc.) should modify the portfolio's pertinent project facts to best demonstrate their respective roles in their areas of specialty. Non-traditional practitioners are encouraged to apply.

Download: ACHA Certification Handbook (available in October 2020)​​

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