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 Candidate Program

Are you a registered architect who is looking to differentiate yourself among your peers in the healthcare industry, but not quite eligible to sit for the ACHA exam? The ACHA’s newly created Candidate Program will orient your path to certification while you enjoy the benefits of networking with the best and brightest healthcare architects at many of the ACHA exclusive events.

Learn from some of the most respected icons in the healthcare industry while you are mentored along the path of certification and grow in your knowledge of healthcare architecture.

Participation in the Program is limited to five years or until ACHA certification is achieved.

Candidate benefits:

  • Candidates will be invited to exclusive ACHA networking luncheons (which includes free LUs).
  • Candidates will receive all ACHA mailings.
  • Candidates will have access to an ACHA mentor, if needed.
  • Candidates will be allowed to participate in committees with the exclusion of the Certification and Exam Committees.

To join as a candidate, please joi​n online.

The 3 Steps to ACHA Certification

  1. Demonstrate licensure and experience (prerequisite)
  2. Submit application and portfolio
  3. Pass the exam

Preparation for Certification

For information on upcoming Exam Prep Seminars, click here.

Visit our Resource Center which was created for the use of ACHA Certificate Holders and others interested in timely information directly related to healthcare facility planning, design and construction.

Here is a list of other resources you may find helpful along your journey:

Value to You as a Potential ACHA Certificate Holder